Yuliyah - Having Fun

Summer time is party time – Upcoming Shows

Guess who’s having fun! It’s me. I’m having a great time and there is more to come. I’d like to share some upcoming show-dates with you, that are going to be a blast.

16. May – Kiez Klang @ NachbarschaftsetageKiez Klang

A concert with oriental music, right in my neighbourhood – what more could I ask for?

Well, I could ask to dance there. 😀 Which is what I did.

And so you can see me tomorrow night dancing at Kiez Klang. Entrance is free and I hope to see a lot of cool people there.

Did I mention, that it’s going to be fun? 😀

25. May – Hafla Rakessa @ Restaurant YpsilonHafla Rakessa Header

There you got an oriental disco, that is especially for the ladies. Men are only welcome if they accompany a woman.

Hafla Rakessa is gonna be a fun party with lots of dancing and giggling girls, who enjoy themselves. Truly awesome!

13. June – Oriental Eve @ Choreographie-Studio “Birke”
Oriental Eve

Hafla with all my lovely students at Choreographie-Studio “Birke”

We show what we have learned, dance together and enjoy ourselves.

After some group and solo performances of studio members, we will celebrate together.

28. June – Orientalhane @ Filmbühne am SteinplatzOrientalhane

Another great opportunity to shake booties and to party the oriental way is the Orientalhane.

You get food, you get a show and you get to dance yourself, since there will be an awesome DJ.

And then guess who’s having fun! It’s me. 🙂

Yuliyah - Having Fun


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