Kayyin Ensemble & Trio Scho

Kayyin Ensemble Anniversary Show

On January 11, 2015, we celebrated the 5 year anniversary of our group Kayyin Ensemble. The show featured Russian, Ukrainian and Oriental dances and was completed by the music of the band Trio Scho from Berlin.

For the show, we prepared 8 new dances in new costumes. The focus was on Russian dances, which was really challenging for me, since this is not really my field. Especially the waltz (Sinij Platotschek) and the Ukrainian dance (Kasatschok) made me almost lose my faith 😉

But although we struggled through the preparations, in the end we made it. The hall was full, the audience excited and the band amazing.

And all of this for our group’s anniversary. I am so proud 🙂

Kayyin Show

Find more photos from the show here.

The first video from the show that I uploaded is my solo performance. I hope I will provide more soon 🙂

It was an Oriental Tango by Armen Kusikian, but since the focus of the show lay on Russia, you can find in this song the melody of a famous Russian song. Do you know it?


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