Two sisters

Happy Birthday Toria

Good Morning everyone. Today is the birthday of my favorite one and only sister. I am very happy, that I have a little sister who was always there for me. Even when I had no friends (cause I’m kind of a difficult character…) my sister was there and played with me. I have so many memories of funny and crazy things, that we did together.

My favorite memory is actually that one time, when we brought the clothes-sharing to a new dimension by wearing one super big T-Shirt together pretending we were siamese twins. It was not easy! But somehow we managed to get down the stairs together, laughing so hard, that everyone came to see what’s happening to us. I’d love to share a picture from this adventure, but I couldn’t find it on my computer.

The second funniest memory is when we were running through the park in St. Petersburg. This was so funny, because we were not children at this time anymore. But we were shouting while running and laughing so hard that all the people were staring at us. Look at this: She’s gonna catch me!

Crazy Sisters Running

Happy Birthday Queen Viktoria I
Socken müssen zusammen halten. 🙂

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