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My new life

Ladies and Gentlemen, I told you that my new life has started but I didn’t tell you what this means. I will do it now 🙂

After a crazy romance and very painful breakup one year ago, I had to rearrange myself completely. In the process of finding out what has caused the big crash, I questioned everything that I was doing as well as everything that I wanted.

I noticed that I actually was never completely happy with dancing.

I tried a lot of different things in my performances, trained and studied the dance carefully, but I never got the feeling that I could actually express everything I wanted to express through dance. There was always something missing and I didn’t know why.

Only when I was at the lowest point of my life and at the very bottom of myself, I realized, that this was exactly the point: Dancing is not enough!
I need to do more! I can do so much more.

I decided to cut down the time I spend with dancing and to take all the time I need to find out what to do. I worked with various teachers and coaches, but in the end it was a friend who brought me to the crucial insight.

In a moment where I was just enjoying myself, singing along some pop song in the radio, he looked at me in a strange way and said:

It’s so beautiful when you are singing.

And I immediately new that this was it. That’s what I need to do: Singing!

So that was what I did. I found new teachers, started taking classes and practiced, practiced, practiced.

And this is now what I want to do for the next 78 years of my life!

You saw already the first results of this: 3 songs I recorded as music therapy. Tomorrow I will show you some videos from my very first concert. It was really good. Stay tuned!

Photo: Udo Hausmann & Katharina Knaak

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