Queen Of Dancing Winds

Leila Yuliyah

Hi,Ā I am Leila Yuliyah, muse and hippie princess from Berlin.

I have been singing, dancing and acting on and off stage since I was little.
It is my life.

I can’t stop the shimmy.
Not that I didn’t try…

I always thought I loved dancing. But that was not the whole truth.
I love music. And I like to play with it.

Let me inspire you!



Cheers ā¤
Leila Yuliyah

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7 thoughts on “Leila Yuliyah

  1. Thanks for stopping by Yuliyah ! Nice to know you’ve taken to one of the oldest dance forms.
    Happy dancing !! šŸ™‚

    p.s. I’ve a very old Belly dance video, shot in Egypt, in my collection that I copied from an Egyptian friend some 30 yrs ago. Do have quite a bit of Arabic music as well as I love it much šŸ™‚


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