I am a simple person.

I always thought I was an easy person. Just being me. But people kept telling me, that I am complicated & strange. That it is impossible to understand me. After all that happened, I think they might be right.

But what’s the big deal anyway? Can’t I just be me? Can’t I just be strange & complicated? Why is it a problem to anyone?

I am not here to please anybody. I do my best to avoid people who try to “fix” me, cause I actually like being myself.

I am a simple person. I am not complicated at all. I just do what feels right to me. I don’t like to follow stupid rules.

Sometimes I make mistakes. That is good, cause then I can learn or improve something.

Don’t waste your time fighting each other

There is an alarming trend in German social networks these days:
Caused by the dramatic increase of racist agitation (against refugees), there is an (at least understandable) outcry of people who are disgusted from this behavior and start to agitate themselves against the racists.

The result: People delete each other from their friend’s list and complain about the stupidity of the other site.

You can be against war, poverty and violence, but not against refugees.

(Meaning: It’s not their fault)

We can’t give away everything we have to help refugees.

(Meaning: It’s not our fault)

Now the climate is getting hotter and hotter, people unfriend, insult, threaten each other. People start to hate each other and fight each other. Houses are set on fire. War enters Germany.

In the meantime

  • Who speaks with the refugees?
  • Who identifies the people in charge and stops them?
  • Who is fighting war, poverty and violence?
  • Who puts an end to misery and hatred?
  • Who makes the world a better place?

Let’s never forget Rosa Luxemburg:

Freedom is always the freedom of dissenters.

Stop fighting your own people! Don’t end friendships! Help each other!