Back to Work

Summer Vacation is over. Everyone’s got back to work. For me this means teaching belly dance three times a week. I was really excited to get myself moving again after six weeks of physical lazyness. And I was so happy to see my students again.

Also I have some ideas to expand my business: to make new choreographies, to think of new challenges for my students, to create a new group in Berlin, etc.

Besides that I want to grow even more when it comes to performances. I want to do more and better shows as a dancer and as a singer. I need to use existing material well and produce new stuff for marketing: texts, images, audios and videos.

Since I am doing this full time now, I hope that I can achieve bigger results than before and I hope that I will be able to pay my bills at the end of the month. But hey, no risk no fun!

Happy Birthday Toria

Good Morning everyone. Today is the birthday of my favorite one and only sister. I am very happy, that I have a little sister who was always there for me. Even when I had no friends (cause I’m kind of a difficult character…) my sister was there and played with me. I have so many memories of funny and crazy things, that we did together.

My favorite memory is actually that one time, when we brought the clothes-sharing to a new dimension by wearing one super big T-Shirt together pretending we were siamese twins. It was not easy! But somehow we managed to get down the stairs together, laughing so hard, that everyone came to see what’s happening to us. I’d love to share a picture from this adventure, but I couldn’t find it on my computer.

The second funniest memory is when we were running through the park in St. Petersburg. This was so funny, because we were not children at this time anymore. But we were shouting while running and laughing so hard that all the people were staring at us. Look at this: She’s gonna catch me!

Crazy Sisters Running

Happy Birthday Queen Viktoria I
Socken mΓΌssen zusammen halten. πŸ™‚

Take a deep breath

Good Morning everyone. Despite the fact that I actually have vacation from my classes, I am still very very busy … and slowly I come to the conclusion, that it might be a bit too much…

It seems now, that there are 3 more weeks before I finally have some time off. But who knows what adventures will come up by that time? πŸ˜‰ I don’t

And so – to not mess up with my health completely – I try to take some breaks inbetween, wandering through the greenness outside, trying to feel connected with the world around me.

But what I know at least is that even if I there might be a lot coming up after these 3 weeks, it’ll be the kind of activities, that I love doing. So I am definitely looking forward to it.

But now, perseverance is the virtue of the day.
What is your secret to keep with the pace?

New Year – New Home

I have a been a bit quite lately. This had a reason: I moved into a new flat.

I was very happy, that in the last days of the old year, I finally found a very good flat in a corner of Berlin, that is just perfect for me. πŸ™‚

So I was not only busy with the Kayyin Ensemble anniversary show, these days, but also with packing boxes and carrying things from one place to another.

Since this is not the only major change in my life right now, you can guess, that I have a lot of things to do. But how can I complain, when this view is paying off for everything?

Sky over Berlin

That’s what I like about living 6th floor πŸ˜‰

Hope to see you soon! Maybe this Sunday at Hafla Rakessa.

So this is christmas?

No white christmas this year. In fact for the second time in a row. Last winter we had now snow at all. I hope we might get some in January or February. What is winter without snow?

I want to wish you a merry christmas, happy holidays and a great new year. Enjoy the celebrations!

What weather do you have in your place this christmas?