Artist Date

Plan a motto party – Week 3 – The Artist Date Challenge

This week is going to be way more fun than the last week. We will plan a motto party! Yes, just plan it. You don’t necessarily have to really organise a party on such a short notice.

But think about topics that appeal to you, costumes that you’d like to create, decorations you would use, maybe even a playlist?

Please use the hashtag #artistdatechallenge and link to this blogpost to participate.

Looking forward to your posts!

Artist Date, Sweet Home

The graveyard in the neighbourhood

This week’s artist date was to visit a graveyard. And so I did. I must say that it was not a very pleasant experience. Maybe I should have expected that.

The graveyard was completely deserted. I didn’t see a single person. It was very beautiful in autumn colors and the crows that seemed everywhere created a deadly atmosphere.

It made me really sad and I regretted that I came there in the first place. I didn’t know any of the persons who lay there but I was imagining stories of their life and death.

It scared me to see that life is ending and it can do so at any point. There is no security that our loved ones will be around with us. Sooner or later we will all die.

It was definitely thought provoking, but not in a positive way. Of course it provides a contrast to the daily chaos showing that life has an end and some things are just not important. Although it did not make me reflect my priorities. I haven’t asked myself what I want to accomplish before death.

I felt my loved ones very strongly on this graveyard and I feared loosing them to a place in the earth. I do not fear death for myself, but for the ones that make my life worth living.