I am really afraid of butterflies! They are so pretty and fragile, moving freely through the air. Peaceful creatures who’d never hurt anyone. They scare me so much!

I am so scared that I might hurt them when they come closer to me! I don’t want to break their wings. I don’t want to destroy them. Whenever I see one, I try to avoid it and go far away!

My life would surely be more beautiful with butterflies. But I really don’t know how I could make their life any more beautiful. For them I’m probably just another roadhouse on their way to heaven.


My Fear of Butterflies


Through Buzzfeed I came across the amazing Hedy Lamarr, who was not only a famous movie star from the 1930ies to the 50ies, but also the inventor of the frequency hopping technology, that is broadly used today for Wifi and GPS.

Wikipedia writes

During her first marriage, Lamarr developed a keen interest in applied science, and bored by her acting career, utilized this knowledge as an inventor.

Who would not be bored from being the “most beautiful woman in the world” and a style icon for a whole generation of women?

So, aspiring (movie) stars of this century, let’s be inspired by this outstanding woman and invent something substantial. I will clearly spend the whole day reading Hedy’s biography and invite you to do the same.

Friends & Heroes

Hedy Lamarr – Hollywood Star and Inventor


Good Morning. After a very hot and humid day we had a great thunderstorm last night. I slept with my window wide open, watching the lightning and dreaming to the sound of the rain. What beautiful music.

Today we have a nice warm day with a lot of sunshine. I love the summer!

Photo: Thunderstorm over Winterthur/Zurich
by Kuster & Wildhaber Photography (CC BY-ND 2.0)