There goes my heart

Yesterday I found a piece of your heart. I think you lost it in Berlin.

I have it in my pocket now taking it everywhere. It is safe with me.

It was lost and lonely, but I found it!

my-heartActually that’s wrong! It is MY heart! I just wanted to share it with you.

I wanted to share EVERYTHING with you.

Now I will drop it in the lake. Maybe some day some one will come who can see it’s actual worth!

He will surely know where to find it!

I did it!

I feel so relieved.


My First Jam-Session

Yesterday was the first time to me to participate in a jam session as a singer. I was a bit nervous beforehand, but it ended up being pretty much fun. So I think I might do this more often. 🙂

What do you think about jam sessions?
What place (in Berlin) is the best for jam sessions?

Jam Session @ Golden Lounge is on Mondays from 8pm

Photo: Matthias Hoff

Hafla Rakessa in Berlin

On January 25, 2015, I had the chance to perform at the Hafla Rakessa in restaurant Ypsilon in Berlin. My show had two parts.

The first was Fairouz-inspired, the second more modern.

I liked the event very much. The atmosphere was very nice. The audience was lovely and the party was a blast.

All in all, a great night! Thanks for having me!

Belly Dancer in Berlin

More Photos of the Hafla Rakessa.

New Year – New Home

I have a been a bit quite lately. This had a reason: I moved into a new flat.

I was very happy, that in the last days of the old year, I finally found a very good flat in a corner of Berlin, that is just perfect for me. 🙂

So I was not only busy with the Kayyin Ensemble anniversary show, these days, but also with packing boxes and carrying things from one place to another.

Since this is not the only major change in my life right now, you can guess, that I have a lot of things to do. But how can I complain, when this view is paying off for everything?

Sky over Berlin

That’s what I like about living 6th floor 😉

Hope to see you soon! Maybe this Sunday at Hafla Rakessa.