New video: Leila Yuliyah – Nassam Alayna Al Hawa @ Studio Birke Show

This was my last performance at Choreographie-Studio “Birke”

First Place at Dance Festival Bernau

What a successful weekend

Last Weekend was really great. Saturday night, I performed at the Orientalhane Show in Berlin while on Sunday my kids group won first place at Dance Festival Bernau. Yeah, you got that right! First Place! 😀


Orientalhane Backstage

Backstage at Orientalhane

The Audience at Orientalhane was really nice. As were the other performers. It was nice to make new acquaintances and to see others that I haven’t seen for a long time. Isn’t that crazy sometimes how you live in the same city and don’t get to meet each other?

Anyhow, I enjoyed the show a lot and most likely, you will see me there next time, too. I tell you more when it’s official.

Dance Festival Bernau

Although I had to get up very early, the next day got even better. My children belly dance group participated in Dance Festival Bernau – one of the biggest Youth Dance Festivals in Germany. And what should I say?

First Place at Dance Festival Bernau

We won! First Place in the category “Oriental Kids”

The girls danced a traditional Saidi Stick Dance as you may have been able to guess by the costumes. Since 2010, we train on Fridays at the Choreographie-Studio “Birke” in Birkenwerder. Children aged 7-11 are always welcome to join our award winning group! 😉