Behind the scenes

About the 3 rules of creativity and daily creative responsibilities

It’s important to go small steps, this is the first rule of creativity, I get it, but what if you have too many steps to go again and again? Because the second rule of creativity is to repeat and repeat and repeat. Practise makes perfect.

Obviously I learned this in Dance Schools, but not only there. It’s inherent in all creative processes: writing, singing, playing an instrument, drawing, acting – everywhere!

The latest addition to my creative daily routine is writing poems. That could only take 5 minutes, but where do I find 5 minutes for a poem, if I can’t find 7 minutes for morning yoga?

Other creative tasks include morning pages, writing blog posts, playing guitar, researching for my book, vlogs and now poems! (Which should eventually translate into songwriting some day.)

I WANT to do all of this on a daily basis, but on 10 out of 10 days I fail. I can do some of these things on a good day, on a bad day I do morning pages and that’s it. I haven’t ever caught up on all in one day.

Pushing myself makes me feel stressed and stress is the enemy of creative flow.

This is the third rule of creativity: Be relaxed and the muses will find you!

This Day

Revival of Daily Blogging – New Category – This Day

I have decided that I want to revive the habit of daily blogging. Not sure if I will do it in the morning or in the evenings, from the phone or from my laptop, but I definitely need to come out of my shell and share more with the world again.

Not that I do it for the world. I do it for myself primarily. I love to read my old blogposts, look at pictures and videos from past times. Maybe my life has become more boring or stable – as I like to call it, but there are still details that can be developed further. What I like most about blogging is that you can include different types of contents and make it a masterpiece.

I am struggling these days (and not for the first time) to establish some creative daily routines: playing the guitar, working on my philosophy project, and now daily blogging and vlogging, not to mention sport. But yeah eventually I will get there, starting with baby steps and one thing at a time. For today it’s mostly done. Of course not everything, only the new and fancy stuff.

Maybe I need an accountability buddy for every project. But how not to loose track of them if you have about 5 daily projects? Start with one, they say. Don’t pressure yourself, they say. Both is difficult for me and I guess what I need to practise most is humility and patience. But that’s something for another day.

Behind the scenes

Be my parent

This week I announced on my Instagram that I am starting a new life. Again!

But since the last new life was started more than 5 years ago I think it’s fair to do it again. I got stuck in the windmills of the daily repetitions. I neglected my ambitions. I failed in so many ways to achieve my goals. But now that will change! I will document my goals and my work towards it. I will not hide my failures any longer.

And eventually I will succeed! Or not. Who knows?

But I want to invite you to be part of my journey.

What’s the deal?

I have neglected my passions and my talents. I have not done any performances for a long time and this needs to change! It will be difficult because I am still working full time, but I need to put in the effort and try my best to develop new skills and expand my horizon.

I am going to learn, rehearse, practise and eventually perform. I will see you as my accountability buddy. I will not hide anything from you. I will show you the good days and the bad days. Maybe not all the bad days and maybe not my worst moments, but you get the point. Please do call out on me!

I think it’s beautiful how many people challenge my guitar learning. Yes, I haven’t done much so far, but every question is reminding me and a motivation to sit down and practise.

So that is the deal: I work hard and you watch!

I want to live a new life. I want to be an artist. But I need some parenting from your side! It is too hard to pull everything out of me. I need the reminders, I need the pushes and I need your love and support. Please be there for me!